What are colloquiums?

Colloquiums are a non-course credit seminar for students in the Honors Program. Colloquiums are different from the standard learning environment filled with exams, essays, and homework. Every colloquium is student-led and holds intriguing discussions and presentations with occasional guest lecturers. Honors students participate in discussions with their peers on a topic of their choosing. Students will gain communication and critical thinking skills, while bonding and developing life-long relationships with their like-minded peers. 

Who can attend colloquiums?

Colloquiums are open to all students in the Honors Program; however, all first and second year students are required to attend one colloquium per month. First-years are only required to attend in the spring, after they have been inducted, but they are encouraged to begin participating already in their first semester on campus. Typically, juniors and seniors lead or co-lead colloquiums. Honors points are allocated for each colloquium attended (1 point) or led (2 points).

When do colloquiums take place?

Students will be notified at the beginning of each month when and where the colloquiums are taking place during the month. We also mail weekly newsletters. Students will have the choice of which colloquium to attend based on their interests and availability. 

Spring 2021 Colloquiums

  • The Science of Sci-Fi
  • Health and Wellness
  • Creative Writing
  • Music
  • Racism in Medicine
  • 21st Century Literature
  • What Is COVID?
  • PC Building
  • Yoga: Sun Salutations
  • Creature Design//Concept Art
  • Film & Theatre
  • Animation and Film Discussion
  • Goal and Intention Setting
  • Drunk History
  • Media Narratives and Biases
  • Analyzing Harry Potter
  • Women in Sports Science
  • Sustainability/Eco-Problems

Colloquium FAQ

Q: How can I become a colloquium leader?

A: If you are interested in becoming a colloquium leader, fill out the form emailed out at the beginning of each semester! 

Q: Can I attend more than one colloquium per month?

A: Yes, you are welcome to attend as many colloquiums as you wish!

Q: What happens if I miss a colloquium?

A: You are allowed to miss one meeting a semester. If you need to or end up missing more, please contact the Honors Program.