Institutional Review Board

The Board exists to protect from harm the subjects involved in research conducted by faculty, students or staff at SMC. The Board also intends to protect from harm faculty, student  or staff researchers and the College itself.


The Board has seven regular members with at least one member in a non-seicne field:

  • One members from the School of Science
  • Two members from the School of Education
  • Two member from the School of Liberal Arts
  • One member external to SMC
  • One ex-officio member, the Director of Institutional Research

The Review Process:

  • The process begins by the researcher submitting all of the data needed to make a responsible judgment about a research project;
  • the members of the Board then examine the data through the multiple perspectives of several Board members, and in this process, identify any changes or additions needed to satisfy the review criteria;
  • and, when all of the required data are in hand, the Board reaches a consensual decision that the data demonstrate that risks of harm are minimal or the benefits promised by the research clearly outweigh the risks.