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Service Catalog - A to Z index

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Access (see Authentication)
Accounts (see Authentication)
Active Directory (see Authentication)
Ad Astra (see Room Scheduling)
Administrative Rights (see Authentication)
Albert (see Library Access)
all.faculty email list (see Email)
all.staff email list (see Email)
all.students email list (see Email)
Apple TV (see Classroom Equipment)
Audience Response System (see Classroom Equipment)


Banner (see Records and Information Systems)
Blogs (see e-Learning Systems)
Borrowing Equipment (see Equipment Lending)
Buying Hardware (see Technology Purchasing)
Buying Software (see Technology Purchasing)



CMS - Content Management System (see Web Publishing)
Cable TV
Calendaring (see Google Apps)
Campus Directory
Cell Phone (see Telephone)
Classroom Equipment
Classroom Emergency (see Classroom Equipment)
Classroom Technology Map (see Classroom Equipment)
Clickers (see Classroom Equipment)
Cloud Print (see Printing)
Colleague (see Records and Information Systems)
Comcast / Xfinity (see Cable TV)
Computer Repair (see Repair)
Conference Calling
Constituent Relationship Management
Content Management System (see Web Publishing)


Desk Phone (see Telephone)
Directory (see Campus Directory)
Document Camera (see Classroom Equipment)
Document Imaging/Management
Document Scanning
DVD/VCR (see Classroom Equipment)


e-Learning Systems
EduBlogs (see e-Learning Systems)
Ellucian (see Records and Information Systems)
Email Lists (see Email)
Employee Directory (see Campus Directory)
Employee Exit Process
Equipment Lending
Equipment Purchase (see Technology Purchasing)
Equipment Removal
Equipment Repair (see Repair)
Equipment Set Up
Excel (see Microsoft Office)
Extron Controller (see Classroom Equipment)


Faculty subscription email list (see Email)
Faculty Directory (see Campus Directory)
Faculty Profiles (see Web Publishing)
File Sharing (see Google Apps)
Footprints (see Service Request System)


GaelCalendar (see Google Apps)
GaelLearn (see e-Learning Systems)
GaelMail (see Email)
GaelPerform (see Performance Management)
GaelPrint (see Printing)
GaelXpress (see Records and Information Systems)
Galileo Web Server (see Web Publishing)
Gmail (see Email)
Google Apps
Google Drive (see Google Apps)
Guest Accounts (see Authentication)


Hangouts (see Google Apps)
Hardware (see Technology Purchasing)
Hobson's (see Constituent Relationship Management)


iClickers (see Classroom Equipment)
ILLiad (see Library Access)
ImageNow (see Document Imaging/Management)
Informer (see Records and Information Systems)
iPrint (see Printing)
IT Equipment Moves
IT Project (see Consulting)
IT Security



LMS - Learning Management System (see e-Learning Systems)
Laptop Lending (see Equipment Lending)
Learning Management System (see e-Learning Systems)
Library Access
Library Databases (see Library Access)
Login (see Authentication) (see Training)


Media Equipment Lending (see Equipment Lending)
Microsoft Office
Moodle (see
e-Learning Systems)
Moving (see IT Equipment Moves)
My Saint Mary's (see Web Portal)


New Hardware (see Technology Purchasing)
New Software (see Technology Purchasing)
New Employee (see New Hire)
New Hire


Office Moves (see IT Equipment Moves)
Online Learning (see e-Learning Systems)
Ordering Equipment (see Technology Purchasing)
Outlook (see Email)
Overhead Projector (see Classroom Equipment)


Password Reset (see Authentication)
Payment Forms (see Web Publishing)
Performance Management
Phone (see Telephone)
Podium (see Classroom Equipment)
Policies (see Technology Planning & Policy)
Printer Repair (see Repair)
Project Form (see Consulting)
Project Proposal (see Consulting)
Project Request (see Consulting)
Projector (see Classroom Equipment)
Public Address System or PA (see Audio/Video)
Purchasing (see Technology Purchasing)



Records and Information Systems
Reports (see Records and Information Systems)
Room Scheduling


Salli (see Web Publishing)
Scanning (see Document Scanning)
Security (see IT Security)
Service Request Systems
ServiceNOW (see Service Request Systems)
Single Sign On/SSO (see Authentication)
SMC-Classroom-WiFi (see Campus Network)
SMC ID (see Authentication)
SMC-Guest (see Campus Network)
SMC-WiFi (see Campus Network)
Software (see Technology PurchasingGoogle Apps, Microsoft Office)
Staff subscription email list (see Email)
Staff Directory (see Campus Directory)
Student Response Systems (see Classroom Equipment)


Tech Bar (see Training)
Tech Check (see Audio/Visual)
Technology Map (see Classroom Equipment)
Technology Planning & Policy Community Time
Technology Purchasing
Technology Purchasing for Personal Use (see Technology Purchasing)
Telephone Conference Bridge (see Conference Calling)
Thunderbird (see Email)
TPPC (see Technology Planning & Policy Community Time)
TPPC Project Proposal (see Technology Planning & Policy Community Time)
Turnitin (see e-Learning Systems)



VDI (see Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
Video Editing (see Audio/Video)
Videoconferencing (see Web Conferencing)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Virtual Private Network
Voice Mail
VPN (see Virtual Private Network)


WebAdvisor (see Records and Information Systems)
Web Conferencing
Web Directory (see Campus Directory)
Web Pages (see Web Publishing)
Web Portal
Web Publishing
Web Forms (see Web Publishing)
WiFi (see Campus Network)
Wikis (see e-Learning Systems)
Wireless Network (see Campus Network)
Wordpress (see e-Learning Systems)