IT Services installs and supports network printers in offices and computer labs.

Faculty and staff share networked black and white laser printers.

Students have access to Cloud Print enabled printers at various locations across campus. Upload a document to Cloud Print from any where but wait to release it until arriving at the printer location, using a smart phone.  If there is a long line, don't release the document.  Go to a different location instead and then release it to print.  Documents will remain in Cloud Print for up to 24 hours until they are released or expire.  The printer locations are displayed once logged into the application. Cloud Print usage is applied to your printing allotment which is managed through GaelPrint.   

As of fall 2019, Cloud Printers can be found in the following locations:

  • Ageno A
  • Ageno C
  • Brousseau Science Lounge
  • De La Salle 1st Floor
  • Galileo Math Lab
  • Garaventa 2nd Floor
  • Library 1st Floor-A
  • Library 1st Floor-B
  • Library 1st Floor-Color
  • Library 2nd Floor-D
  • Library 3rd Floor-E
  • STEM Center

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