Justice, Community and Leadership, General, BA

The JCL general major is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program of study in social justice research and practice.  We prepare our students for careers in the new economy where critical inquiry, shared learning, adaptive and systems thinking and collaborative problem-solving are valued. Our students carry out research and inquiry projects in all their upper division courses, and are therefore well-prepared for graduate studies in law, business, public policy, sustainability and education.

JCL core courses meet many college requirements and therefore this major ideally suited to double major and minor opportunities. You can tailor your JCL experiences to suit your interests and prepare for careers in a number of domains including:

  • Public service and government
  • Social entrepreneurship and business 
  • Non-profit, organizing and community advocacy
  • Social work and welfare
  • Education, educational policy and educational services
  • Academic research
  • International development and diplomacy
  • And many more such as publishing, journalism, human resources…

Green Careers

Please check out Professor Anatharaman's resource guide to Green Careers here.