Multiple Subject Teacher Education Concentration

JCL MSTE Integrated Pathway

The Saint Mary's College Justice, Community and Leadership concentration in Multiple Subject Teacher Education (MSTE) prepares future K-6 educators in their undergraduate pathway to become classroom teachers. With a strong emphasis on social justice education and inclusive pedagogy, our integrated 4-year BA program emphasizes early placement experience, critical pedagogy, and research-based teaching practices. We are dedicated to preparing educators to teach and lead in schools that represent the linguistically, socially, and economically diverse population of the State of California. 

Learning Outcomes: 

In addition to the existing JCL program learning outcomes, MSTE Integrated students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary for teaching students in K-6 classrooms with inclusive, whole child pedagogies that meet the needs of all learners 


JCL MSTE Integrated Requirements:
Students will complete 22.75 credits 

1.0       EDUC 20 Introduction to the Teaching Profession 

1.0       JCL 10 Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership

1.0       History 17 US History to 1877

1.0       JCL 120 Theory and Inquiry in JCL

1.0       JCL 150 Advanced Leadership Theory

1.0       JCL 130 Environmental Justice

1.0       JCL 140 The Global Community

1.0       JCL 196 Senior Thesis Capstone

2.0      Two Math classes that meet the Core (Math 4, 10, or 6)

.25      JCL 190 Senior Portfolio

.25       Education 124 Mini Math and Science Methods

.25       JCL 125 Text Based Discussion in the Middle School

.25       JCL Special Topics in Education

1.0       MSTE 212 Learning and Development in Multicultural Context

1.0       MSTE 345 Social Studies

.25      MSTE 223 Technology

1.0       MSTE 263 Literacy I

.50      MSTE 317 Introduction to Field Experience

1.0       MSTE 310 Field Work Seminar

.25      MSTE 242 Ed TPA Practicum

.25      MSTE 375 Health and PE

1.0       MSTE 320 Fieldwork Seminar

.50      MSTE 348 Teaching Students with Special Needs II

1.0       MSTE 350 C&I Math

1.0       MSTE 328 Teaching English Learners

1.0       MSTE 338 Teaching Students with Special Needs I

1.0       MSTE C&I Literacy II

1.0       MSTE 349 C&I Science