BA in Leadership & Organizational Studies (BALOS)

Providing adult learners a supportive pathway for completing their degree with the reputation that comes from Saint Mary's College of California

Why a BA in Leadership & Organizational Studies (BALOS)?

We’re serious about your success…

We recognize there are many options for degree completion programs for working adults throughout the Bay Area, each with their own attributes and values. BALOS is a unique degree completion program for working adults that combines real-world, relevant experience with flexible online learning, encouraging faculty, and a supportive peer-learning environment.

Why A Degree in Leadership?

Every industry needs people with the ability to lead — whether it’s leading a team, leading a business, leading a class, or leading innovation. Leadership doesn’t fade. A degree in leadership makes you more marketable and qualified to advance your career. BALOS graduates walk and talk with confidence. With a bachelor’s degree they find new doors opening.

Leadership is a capacity — rather than a skill — one needed now more than ever. It develops through a longer learning process — as we begin to see where (and how) things could be done differently, more effectively, more creatively, and where leaders could make a difference by gaining the trust of others to help lead all of us forward. As we find we need new ideas and approaches, leadership fosters effective collaboration, ways to challenge one’s thinking, and ways to address prevailing problems with new solutions. Leadership is about adapting to change and working through relationships. Whatever your path may be, leadership will take your journey further.


Post- Graduation Success

BALOS alumni come from a wide range of backgrounds, careers, and levels of experience. What they all share is ambition. After completing the program, BALOS graduates — no matter where they started — leave the program with the experience, credentials, and confidence to proudly pursue the life and career they want... and then achieve it.