Welcome to CIRCLE We are the Committee for Interfaith and Religious Cooperation for Learning and Engagement

We, of Saint Mary’s College of California, are dedicated to treating all people with dignity and respect in ways that acknowledge and engage diverse backgrounds and ideas. Our policies, practices, and behaviors foster a safe and inclusive community and promote learning that is equitable, collaborative, and inspired by the presence of God in and among us.



Barbara A. McGraw

Co-Chair Heads of CIRCLE

Barbara A. McGraw

Director of the Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism

Frances M. Sweeney

Vice President of Mission

Frances M. Sweeney


  • Sally S. Jamison

  • Kathryn Warren

  • Hwa Seong Oh

  • Michal Strahilevitz

  • Maya K. Patel

  • Carolyn A. Otis Catanzaro

  • Karin McClelland

  • Dominique Coleen Brown

  • Ellen Rigsby


  • Robert Towne

  • Thomas Poundstone

  • Kathryn M Mulcahey

  • Esperanza Matteucci

  • Ellen Veomwtt

  • Joshua Beecher

  • Rosa Nelson

  • Andrea Brown

  • Maria Teresa Rajanna

  • Latofa Popal

  • Br. Thomas Jones

  • Ana M. Ramirez

  • Br. Charles Hilken

  • Marguerite Welch

  • Kathy Littles

  • Harry A. Manhoff

  • Josiah P. Alfaro

  • Rosana Barragan

  • MMC Leaders:
  • Annie Stearns

  • Maya Pareja