College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE)

College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE)

Inclusive excellence is a phrase used to describe the quality of academic achievement that can only be realized in diverse communities where all students have equitable opportunities to succeed.

At Saint Mary’s College, we believe that we can reach greater heights of excellence by learning from diverse people in our community and creating a culture in which we are all valued, respected, and supported. We envision a community that goes beyond the tolerance of difference to one that is guided by social justice, cultural competence and engaged citizenship.

The College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) believes inclusivity is essential to achieving the standards of excellence to which we aspire.

The CCIE collaborates with academic and student-focused centers campus-wide. Some of our partners include: the High Potential Program, Intercultural Center, and Mission and Ministry Center (see the Campus Organizations for DEI and Social Justice page for more information on these organizations around campus). 

CCIE goals and strategies listed below are examples but are not exhaustive or definitive.

  1. Improve the Recruitment, Retention, and Success of Underrepresented Students, Staff, and Faculty.   Strategies may include establishment of targets for applicant pools and composition, training in inclusive recruiting, mentoring programs, and the development of programs and structures to promote student success.
  2. Build an Inclusive Community.  Strategies include targeted training in cultural competencies for all campus constituents, professional development for faculty in teaching and learning with diverse populations, support for diversity initiatives, and development of communication tools in support of inclusive excellence.
  3. Develop Systems of Accountability and Assessment.  Strategies may include requiring and reviewing diversity and equity plans in programs and schools, recommending and reviewing policies and procedures for handling incidents of intolerance and discrimination, reviewing and assessing diversity requirements in the curriculum, and conducting and reviewing climate surveys/diversity audits.

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CCIE Subcommittees

These are the five CCIE Subcommittees dedicated to inclusive excellence throughout Saint Mary's College of California.