Strategic Priority #2



Saint Mary’s will reimagine its academic portfolio and develop innovative, in-demand academic programs including undergraduate and graduate degree programs, freestanding and stackable certificates, and professional education programs that attract and serve distinctive and growing populations of students. We will enhance our offerings in health sciences, including nursing, computer and data sciences and analytics, and expand the depth and breadth of our interdisciplinary programs that speak to the big challenges and aspirations of the world. We will adopt pedagogical and co-curricular innovations based on discovery and inquiry at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We will create flexible learning environments and invest in emerging educational technologies to enhance student access and learning.



We will be updating this page with our accomplishments as we execute the Strategic plan.


Below, learn more about the progress being made or completed on many of our Strategic Priorities. We'll continue to provide updates, so feel free to check back for updates later to track our progress as we continue to execute our Transformation 2028 strategic plan.

2.8 Transition the undergraduate college to Carnegie Units, including revised majors and minors, degree requirements, and academic calendar.
Visited 50% more high schools, with particular emphasis on Catholic and Lasallian schools. As a result, the Fall 2023 first-time first-year undergraduate class included an increase in Pell-eligible students, 1st generation college students, and students of color, as well as more entrants who came from the Top 25 High Schools in the Bay area.

2.9 Revise the undergraduate Core Curriculum to be more flexible and current, while also continuing our signature programs.
Significantly revised the Core Curriculum for undergraduate students in 2022, continuing two of Saint Mary's signature programs. Collegiate Seminar now has themed courses, and Jan Term continues its famous immersive and travel courses, while now being much more accessible to first-year students. The refreshed "Engaging the World" courses features new goals that will connect Gaels with global issues and perspectives, further preparing them for the interconnected workplace of the future.

Updated: November 1, 2023