Strategic Priority #1



Saint Mary’s will attract an expanded undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning student population. We will broaden our appeal to a national audience by building a cohesive and compelling brand identity and leveraging Saint Mary’s national reputation and excellence in intercollegiate athletics and club sports to enhance student recruitment and improve retention and student development outcomes. We will implement intentional recruitment, admissions, and enrollment strategies to attract a student population reflective of the region’s diversity. We will expand access for non-traditional undergraduate students by extending bachelor completion programs and lifelong learning opportunities.



We will be updating this page with our accomplishments as we execute the Strategic plan.



Below, learn more about the progress being made or completed on many of our Strategic Priorities. We'll continue to provide updates, so feel free to check back for updates later to track our progress as we continue to execute our Transformation 2028 strategic plan.

1.2 Expand outreach to local high school districts, in particular those in the Christian Brothers and Catholic school networks
Visited 50% more high schools, with particular emphasis on Catholic and Lasallian schools. As a result, the Fall 2023 first-time first-year undergraduate class included an increase in Pell-eligible students, 1st generation college students, and students of color, as well as more entrants who came from the Top 25 High Schools in the Bay area.

1.3 Create seamless pathways for those with community college Associate Degrees to transfer to Saint Mary's
Enhanced the shared SMC transfer academic experience to now include a major advisor, Transfer Advising Cohort, Collegiate Seminar, and Theological Understanding courses. Hired an Associate Director for Transfer Pathways, who is responsible for transfer planning infrastructure, data, strategy, and student success. Transfer students who enter with at least 30cu of coursework now have a transfer-specific academic evaluation, streamlining student planning, reducing room for errors, and clearly showing a student's path to degree. Now in the process of updating the Transfer Equivalency System (TES) to align with our Carnegie conversion, Core Curriculum, and new academic programs, including study abroad programs.

1.5 Streamline the undergraduate and graduate admission processes
Simplified and streamlined undergraduate application processes for the admissions cycle ending Fall 2023, contributing to the increase in the percentage of deposited students who enrolled.

1.9 Increase international travel offerings for alumni and friends of the College
Since 2021, offered faculty-led summer travel experiences to destinations such as Mexico, Tanzania, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Scandinavia to more than 100 friends of the college, including alumni and local community members. Made plans for travel opportunities to Mexico, Spain, Austria, Peru, Australia, and northern California (a yoga and writing retreat) for Summer 2024.

Updated: November 1, 2023