Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

In addition to our guiding themes, we have determined eleven strategic priorities to pursue during the next five years. With these strategic priorities, we are defining our transformation. We will set our sights on 2028, seeking initiatives that widen our impact and opportunities that propel us into an abundant future.


1. Extend our Reach and Expand our Impact.  See Progress

2. Launch Innovative and In-Demand Academic Programs. See Progress

3. Empower All Students for Success at Saint Mary’s and Beyond. See Progress

4. Increase Access, Affordability, and Equity. See Progress

5. Attract and Retain an Exceptional and Diverse Faculty and Staff. See Progress

6. Become a Thriving and Adaptive Learning Organization. See Progress

7. Develop Saint Mary's as a Hub in the Bay Area. See Progress

8. Position Saint Mary’s as a Global CampusSee Progress

9. Invest in the Campus and Welcome Internal and External AudiencesSee Progress

10. Fulfill Saint Mary’s Climate Action Plan. See Progress

11. Achieve Financial Health and Growth. See Progress



Students in a Saint Mary's College Seminar Classroom