Executive Council

The Executive Council guides the policy and direction of the Associated Students, and oversees the Senate, campus-wide committees, and all clubs and organizations on campus. The Executive Council's office is located in Student Involvement and Leadership. You can see their office hours here


Diego J. Ríos


[email protected]

(925) 631-8509

Contact the AS President for information on how to join campus-wide committees, how to get involved in the Associated Students, and to express any concerns or ideas on the undergraduate experience.


Vice President for Administration

[email protected]

(925) 631-4271

Contact the Vice President for Administration for information on the Senate and how to become part of it.

Bridget Lanigan

Vice President for Finance

[email protected]

(925) 631-8508

Contact the Vice President for Finance for information on the financial aspect of student clubs and organizations, or to learn more about where your student activity fee is allocated.

Shanel Singh

Vice President for Student Organizations

[email protected]

(925) 631-8509

Contact the Vice President for Student Organizations for information regarding existing clubs and organizations, questions about SPOT, and how to start a new club or organization.

Ryan Chun

Executive Intern

[email protected]

 AS Executive Council

Spring AS Exec office Hours