The goal of GaeLEAD is to develop, mentor, and engage student leaders in ways that nurture personal growth as they lead, serve, and empower others during and beyond their Saint Mary’s experience.

A student leader...

  • mentors and serves as a role model for other students and community members.

  • creates positive change and provides service to the campus and surrounding community.

  • reflects the mission and values of the institution and demonstrates integrity.

  • fosters an inclusive environment, seeks to collaborate, and engages in self reflection.

  • participates in a selection process, training and can be in a paid or unpaid leadership position.

Participating Opportunities (Scroll Down for Application Link) 

Campus Activities Board (CAB) (OPENS MARCH 7) 

Deadline: April 10, 2022 @ 11:59 pm 
Hiring manager: Cesar Ramos, advisor at
Positions available: Click here for CAB Constitution

  • Director (opens March 1) 
  • Assistant Director
  • Gaels-On-The-Go Coordinator
  • Major Events Coordinator
  • Nights & Evenings Coordinator (2 positions open)
  • Community Outreach Event Planner
  • Publicity Manager

Community Life
April 30, 2022 by 11:59pm (Application Open March 7) 
Hiring manager: Victoria Gonzalez at
Positions available:<-- click here for more position information

The Office of Community Life Student Leadership Positions

  • Peer Conduct Council Hearing Officer 
  • Peer Conduct Hearing Panelist
  • Peer Conduct Council Peer Educator 
  • Peer Conduct Council Coordinator 
  • Restorative Justice Circle Facilitator 

Intercultural Center (IC) 
Deadline: April 3, 2022 by 11:59 pm (OPENS March 7) 
Hiring manager: Legacy Lee at or Margaux Kraemer 
Positions available:

Social Justice Advocate (4-8 positions)

Administrative Assisstant (1 position)

Graphic Designer (1 position)

Social Media Strategist (1 position)

Mission and Ministry Center (MMC) 
April 3, 2022 by 11:59 pm, then rolling deadline until positions are filled (OPENS March 7) 
Hiring manager: Carrie Davis at
Positions available: <-- click here for more position information

  • Leadership Areas & Roles: 
    • Interfaith & Religious Diversity (2 positions)
    • Fair Trade (1 position)
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe (2 positions)
    • Liturgy & Prayer / Liturgical Music (2-3 positions)
    • Lasallian Community (2 positions)
    • GaelPantry & Solidarity Suppers (2 positions)
    • RCIA / Faith Formation / Retreats (3 positions)
    • Lasallian Service Internship (1 positions)
    • Publicity & Social Media (2 positions)
    • Lasallian Animators (2 positions)
    • IT Sacristans (TBD)

Student Involvement & Leadership (SIL) (OPENS MARCH 7)
April 10, 2022 by 11:59 pm 
Hiring manager: Cesar Ramos at
Positions available:

Student Engagement & Activity Leaders (SEAL)

Meetings, Events, and Conference Services (MECS)
Deadline: April 10, 2022 (OPENS March 18)
Hiring manager: Feroez Chinkonsung 
Positions available:

Summer Gael Guide

Residence Hall Association (OPENS MARCH 9)
April 8, 2022 by 11:59 pm 
Hiring manager: or Sam Alberto at
Positions available


GaeLead Application Link 

Before you Begin

  • Please have your resume prepared to upload to the application. Contact Career and Professional Development Services for support in developing your resume. 
  • Please check to see if you are eligible for Federal Work Study. Many of the hourly position strongly encourage it! Check with the Financial Aid Office. 
  • Each leadership position includes 2-6 supplemental questions. You may complete this application more than once if you decide you'd like to apply for more positions, but will need to reenter all your information again. Your progress will save if you click "Save Draft". But you may want to copy and paste your work into a Word Document in case of any technical difficulties.


Contact Student Involvement and Leadership at or 925-631-4704 with any general questions or concerns