Major Requirements

If I choose to pursue a major in Theology & Religious Studies (TRS) at Saint Mary's College, what courses will I take? 

The major in TRS consists of a minimum of 10 courses:

Our Foundational Course Required Before You Take Any Other TRS Course:

  • TRS 097: The Bible & Its Interpretation OR  TRS 189: The Bible & Its Interpretation - Great Themes (TRS 189 is only for transfer students.)

Plus These Upper-Division Courses:  

  • TRS 129: Fundamental Questions in Contemporary Theology  (Please try to take this class early in your studies.)
  • TRS 179: Theory & Method in the Study of Religion  (Please try to take this class early in your studies.)
  • One course, selected with guidance of the Chair, from each of the following four areas:
    • Christian History: TRS 101, 102, 103, or 180
    • Gospel Exegesis: TRS 114 or 115
    • Ethics: TRS 141, 142, 143, or 184
    • World Religions & Method: TRS 153, 154, 155, 156, or 185
  • Intensive Inquiry capstone (Writing in the Disciplines course): TRS 180-186 (WID)
  • Intensive Inquiry elective, unless already taken in one of the four area requirements; otherwise, a pure elective
  • A minimum of one additional elective course

"Intensive Inquiry" courses (classes numbered 180-186 in the SMC course catalog) are regularly offered in the various areas of study that make up the course offerings of the department. These courses give students the opportunity to engage in the kind of in-depth thinking and research that will best prepare them for graduate work in the field. 

TRS Major Learning Outcomes

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