Women's and Gender Studies

We don't always accept things the way they are.  We want to understand justice, equality, empowerment, and action in ever-evolving ways.  And we want to use what we learn to improve the circumstances of those around us. Join us!

Have the chance to critique societal norms and explore new ways of thinking about gender, race, class, sex, and other social inequalities in our community of engaged thinkers and intelligent activists.

Women’s and Gender Studies offers you the opportunity to critically examine issues of gender across many fields of knowledge and study the varied contributions and experiences of women across historical periods and cultures. Since the 1960s Women’s Studies students - women and men - have found that embarking on such a course of study has a profound effect on their academic and personal lives. The questions and insights that Women’s and Gender Studies scholars bring to their fields of inquiry have expanded the traditional boundaries of intellectual investigation and generated new areas of research and teaching that address class, race, sexuality, and global concerns.

Women's and Gender Studies is a member of the National Women's Studies Association; here is their post-election statement.