Major Requirements

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The following courses are required for you to complete a Women's and Gender Studies Degree.

The major requires 12 courses. Four are core courses in Women’s and Gender studies: one lower division (WGS 1) and three upper division (WGS 107, WGS 177, and WGS 196). Eight are upper division electives cross-listed with Women’s and Gender Studies. Majors have two options: a) a concentration in either social sciences or humanities, with the majority of courses in one of those disciplines; or b) a balanced distribution of courses, four and four, in social sciences and humanities. Students must take at least two courses each from social sciences and humanities; one cross-listed January Term course may be petitioned for credit; and at least one course must focus on Non-Western, Third World, or minority U.S. women. Women's and Gender Studies students may also design a double or split major with another discipline, with the approval of the director of Women’s and Gender Studies and the chair of the other department.