Health Science Career & Graduate School Planning


A successsful graduate path begins with careful planning and an organized step-wise approach to ensure that all application requirements are met. This includes course planning, gaining clinical exposure, research programs, and planning your application timeline.

Which career is right for me?

  • Visit the Mayo Health Careers Navigator to learn more about career paths in the health sciences.
  • The Occupational Outlook Handbook contains job descriptions, education & training requirements, job outlook, earnings, and links to professional associations. 
  • Take a career aptitude test using Focus 2 .  To access focus 2, go to,  select all apps and then go to Focus 2 app.

Graduate School Planning

  • Visit Career Services for assistance in perfecting your resume and seeking internships.
  • Look up job opportunities on Handshake and meet with your advisor to connect with SMC alum to gain relevant experience.
  • Sign up for LinkedIn and connect with LinkedIn SMC for potential internship and shadowing opportunities.


SHPEP is a free summer enrichment program focused on improving access to information and resources for college students interested in the health professions.