Art Practice Major

Bachelor of Arts: Art Practice

The coursework in the Art Practice major ranges from traditional studio work to digital, new media, and other contemporary practices. The department’s instruction in art practice integrates technical fundamentals and conceptualization, creative experimentation and critical thinking, personal expression, and social responsibility. Students learn to engage in discussion and group critiques as part of their professional preparation and as an integral way of participating in and benefiting from a community of shared inquiry.

Art Practice majors can select from courses at both the upper and lower divisions that suit their specific interests. The department offers courses in a variety of art practices including animation, design, digital art, digital drawing, film/video, interdisciplinary art, painting, photography, and printmaking. All of our courses allow students to further their individual exploration in media while placing high standards on the conceptualization and execution of the student’s artistic production.

The Art Practice capstone prepares students with the practical, intellectual, and experiential knowledge needed to succeed post-graduation. Through the capstone, our majors study areas of art practice that give them practical knowledge they will need in art theory, professional development, and the presentation of a final exhibition - a solo exhibition of a coherent body of work for the thesis project under the supervision of a department faculty member. Whether a graduate intends to apply to a graduate degree, work as a designer, go into film, or engage in any arts subject the Art and Art History department is ready to help Art Practice majors achieve their goal.