Meet Our Staff

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Jennifer Pigza, Ph.D. – Director (925) 631-4755

Jennifer Pigza also serves as a faculty member in the graduate program in Leadership for Social Justice and Leadership doctoral program. She brings to Saint Mary's experiences in nonprofit social service agencies, service-learning, college teaching, living and learning programs and higher education administration. She writes about critical pedagogy, student learning and critical reflection, teaching for social justice, and institutionalizing service-learning. She traces her commitments to faith-justice to early experiences working with homeless people in Baltimore, attending service immersions in Mexico, institutionalizing service-learning in Maryland high schools, and investing four years with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. 

William Besson – AmeriCorps VISTA Program Manager (925) 631-8544

Contact William for questions or concerns related to the AmeriCorps VISTA Program.

In his first year at SMC as an undergraduate, William Besson (a.k.a. Will) started working with CILSA as a Jumpstart Corps Member, and continued as an Engaged Learning Facilitator for the remaining three years while earning his B.S. in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience) with a Biology (Pre-Med) minor in 2016. He is currently pursuing his M.A. in Career Counseling, and his master's thesis addresses issues of hegemonic masculinity online. As a dual-citizen (U.S. & Singapore), he attempts to provide an international perspective to CILSA, in line with our efforts to think globally and act locally. In 2006, he withdrew from high school in Singapore to soul-search. Before moving to California, he waited tables, served in the Singapore Army, and worked as a freelance facilitator and instructor. His experiences in national service and as an educator showed him the importance of and challenges in the pursuit of truth and social justice. His work with CILSA as a student leader gave him the tools to engage in the necessary work; he draws on all of the above in his role as Manager of CILSA's unique AmeriCorps VISTA program.

Samantha Coon, M.A. – Assistant Director for Community Engaged Leadership (925) 631-8168

Contact Samantha for questions or concerns related to the Public Service Internship, the Social Action Leadership Team, and CILSA Living-Learning Communities. 

Samantha Coon developed a serious interest for service and social justice during her high school years at a small Catholic school in southern California.  With its strong sense of community and Lasallian foundation, Samantha found St. Mary's College to be the perfect institution for her undergraduate studies, where she completed her B.A.  As a freshman she became involved in CILSA through the non-profit organization Jumpstart.  Samantha's passion and knowledge for service and social justice continued to grow throughout her SMC career with Jumpstart and CILSA.  This, in combination with her interest in non-profit work, prompted her to study development aid and to travel to Rwanda as a January Term student during her senior year. In Rwanda, Samantha volunteered with several different non-profit and non-government organizations, and had the opportunity to interact with many individuals who have passionately dedicated their lives to service and social justice.  Samantha learned not only about the fundamental details of a successful organization, but was also inspired to make a commitment to service and social justice post-graduation.

Sarah Beth Dempsey, Ed.D. - Associate Director, Community Engagement and Faculty Development (925) 631-8543

Contact Sarah for questions or concerns related to faculty development, community partner relationships, and community engagement courses for the core curriculum.

Sarah Dempsey is committed to creating opportunities that empower students to be engaged in their own personal and academic development.  Her dedication to higher education administration started when she was a student leader at Sacramento State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree.  She earned her Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary's College, Master of Science degree in Student Counseling and Personnel Services at Kansas State University, and continued her counseling training in sexual assault counseling and alcohol and drug counseling in Santa Barbara.  For over nine years she worked for the University of California system coordinating programs and activities designed to enhance student success: undergraduate pathway programs for underrepresented students, enrollment management, and academic advising.  Sarah's area of interest is social justice in higher education.

Ryan Lamberton, M.A. - Associate Director for Programs (925) 631-4015

Contact Ryan about Summer Fellowship Programs, Social Justice Speakers, & CILSA Alumni Affinity Groups, and trainings on student leadership for social justice.

Ryan has been a staff member for CILSA since 2007. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. His master's project examined how faculty and student affairs professionals can foster the spiritual development of college students through summer service-learning programs. Ryan collaborates with the Jumpstart Site Manager, the Assistant Director of Civic Leadership and colleagues from the University of San Diego for the MICAH Summer Fellowship. He has co-taught Rwanda Jan Term Travel courses five times since 2013, most recently in January 2020. The course focused on women, leadership and peacemaking.

Bianca Meza, M.A.- Jumpstart Site Manager, 925.631.4855

Contact Bianca for questions or concerns related Jumpstart in Oakland and early childhood education co-curricular community service projects.