Faculty Resources

We guide the sharing of ideas among colleagues to help professors show students how writing can be used to learn disciplinary content.

CWAC provides a number of resources and development opportunities for faculty.

For you:

  • WID Roundtables open to all faculty, hosted twice a year in collaboration with the Core Curriculum Committee, Faculty Development, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Collegiate Seminar.
  • One-to-one consultations about topics such as incorporating writing into your courses, giving readerly feedback, and revising assignments.
  • Workshops for your department or program, tailored to your discipline.
  • Faculty Writing Circles, led during the summer.

    To access these CWAC materials for WiD faculty, click here.

We also work with faculty to provide writing support for their courses through CWAC's services.

For your students:

  • Schedule an orientation for your class: Request that a CWAC Writing Adviser visit your class, or even better, bring your class to the Center. Your students will have the chance to talk with a Writing Adviser about CWAC's services for 5-10 minutes.
  • Extra credit: Give your students extra credit for a CWAC visit. You could request they write a reflection on how the visit affected their revision process.
  • Required One-on-One sessions: If you would like to require one-on-one sessions for your students, you must coordinate with CWAC. We will work with you to schedule the best week for the sessions and for the orientation and sign-up the week before: a Writing Adviser will visit your class, orient students to what happens during sessions, and schedule their hour-long appointments. This prevents CWAC from being bombarded by too many students trying to visit all at once and not being able to serve everyone, and it also prevents students from misunderstanding CWAC’s purpose. When handled well, required visits can be a positive experience for students who might not venture into CWAC on their own. Professors can coordinate one required visit per term.
  • Schedule a workshop for your class, on any writing topic, tailored to your course. See the Workshop tab below.
  • Writing Circles (.25 credits): Each Writing Circle is made up of three to five students who meet weekly to workshop their writing in a discussion facilitated by a CWAC staff member. As with all CWAC services, the Circles are open to all students, undergraduate through graduate level, of any course. To encourage your students to participate in Writing Circles:
    • E-mail your students before classes begin and/or announce this on the first day of class.
    • Request that a CWAC Writing Adviser visit your class on the first day to conduct an orientation and explain the Circles.

For your syllabus:

CWAC: Center for Writing Across the Curriculum

CWAC offers two options for students of all disciplines and levels:

1) Writing Circles: During weekly, small-group workshops, students discuss their own writing projects, at all stages of the process. This is a pass-fail course: .25-credit COMM 190 for undergraduates, or 1-credit EDUC 504 for graduate students.

2) One-to-one sessions: Anyone – students, faculty, staff – may make appointments or drop in to De La Salle Hall 110, 4 p.m.-7:15 p.m. Sunday, and 9:15 a.m.-7:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Writing Advisers guide peers toward expressing ideas clearly while weighing audience and purpose. Writers bring their assignment sheets and readings in order to brainstorm ideas, revise drafts, or work on specific aspects of writing such as grammar, citation, thesis development, organization, critical reading, or research methods. They may discuss any genre, including creative writing, lab reports, argument-driven research, theses, or scholarship application letters.