Campus Buildings

The Mission Road, San Francisco campus, was founded by Archbishop Alemany after much work by him and founding President Harrington. It was designed by architect Thomas England. Construction began in 1862; the campus was dedicated 9 July 1863. This view dates from c. 1870.
The "Brickpile" campus on Broadway in Oakland, designed by architect J.J. Clarke, was dedicated 11 August 1889 by Archbishop Riordan. The new campus allowed the Christian Brothers to move from San Francisco into the East Bay, leaving the foggy Mission Road site. This view dates from c. 1906.
Oakland campus Chapel interior, c. 1900.
Oakland "Brickpile" Campus, during the 1913 Golden Jubilee of the College
Chapel under construction, Dedication ceremony presided over by Archbishop Hanna, May 1928
Dante Hall, 1927
Madigan Gymnasium, 1927
Lake La Salle Dam, c1927
Galileo Hall, May 1928
De La Salle quad, 1928
Arcade, 1928
Chapel interior, First Mass (Celebrated by Father Edward Doran), November 1928
Benilde Hall, 1928, briefly home of Carmelite Sisters, named for Brother Benilde of Sauges (1805-1862) a French schoolteacher who was canonized in 1967.
Aquinas Hall, De La Salle Hall, Augustine Hall, 1928
Power Plant, 1928
Student's Room, 1929
Lake La Salle, c. 1930
Madigan Gym Swimming Pool, c. 1930
Independence Hall, 1943, part of the U.S. Navy Pre-Flight Training program during World War II, contained what was at the time the world's largest indoor swimming pool. Most of the buildings erected by the Navy were demolished following the War as they were beyond what the College could sustain at the time.
De La Salle Hall Co-op, 1950
Oliver Hall, 1950
Poplar Grove
Becket Hall, 1968
Brothers' Residence
St. Albert Hall Library, 1966. The Library was begun in October 1965 and dedicated on 28 April 1968.
Ferroggiaro Center (architect's rendering), c1970
Augustine Hall, c. 1970 showing outdoor stairs before its renovation
Townhouses under construction, 1973
Hearst Art Gallery patio, 1977
Claeys Hall, c. 1986
Ageno Hall, architect's rendering, 1988
Soda Center, 1989
Boxwood maze in front of Dryden Hall, c. 1990
Garaventa Hall construction, 1995