About the Library

About the Library About the Library

The Library is housed in Saint Albert Hall, named for the 13th Century philosopher and theologian, Saint Albert the Great.  The Library supports intellectual discovery, information literacy, and life long learning. The Library staff serves the students, staff, and faculty of Saint Mary’s College, as well as community members and visitors wishing to follow their intellectual pursuits. 

The Library's Vision

The Saint Mary’s College Library is a cornerstone of the College’s vibrant academic community. The Library supports and enables intellectual discovery, knowledge creation and dissemination, and academic learning and research.  We partner with faculty to help students develop the skills to find and use information creatively and responsibly as life long learners.

The Library's Mission

The Saint Mary's College Library is a learning environment that responds to the traditional values of the College and to the technological realities of the modern age. The Library fosters the pursuit of knowledge, intellectual and academic integrity, excellence in teaching and learning, respect for inquiry and diverse points of view, and dedication to the College’s three core commitments: the liberal arts tradition, our Catholic identity and our founding Lasallian heritage. The Library collects materials in all formats and from diverse perspectives and provides resources through global information networks to support the curriculum and assist research. The Library provides the College community a place for interaction, consultation, study, and reflection. Its staff is dedicated to serving the information needs of students and faculty both on campus and remotely. Librarians teach students how to find, access, and evaluate information and use it ethically and effectively for life long learning.

Our Commitments

We are committed to:

  • Providing collections, services, and assistance to encourage lifelong learning
  • Selecting materials to encourage intellectual discovery, as well as to support the curriculum and research of Saint Mary’s College
  • Providing prompt and respectful service to all
  • Providing instruction for students, staff, and faculty to promote information literacy
  • Honoring the confidentiality of all Library transactions and individuals’ information requests
  • Providing access to online resources to the students, faculty, and staff at Saint Mary’s College, and to any interested community member who accesses materials from on-campus
  • Providing a safe place to study and learn

SMC Library Diversity Statement

The Saint Mary’s College Library is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace where historic and present-day systems of bias and oppression are actively opposed. We broadly define diversity to include race, ethnicity, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion, age, military status, and socioeconomic status. The Library maintains the highest standards of respect, safety, and equity for all people. The Library staff and leadership place the highest priority on the willingness to engage in continual self-inquiry and improvement in order to meet those standards.

July, 2020