SMC Library Strategic Plan


The library’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2028 outlines concrete actions that we will take to meet the challenges and opportunities over the next five years. Goals will be met through instruction, collections, spaces, and our internal organizational culture.


Goal 1

Develop students’ information literacy by (1) strategically integrating library instruction into academic programs and (2) providing accessible, timely, and high-quality one-on-one research support, (3) without putting unsustainable demands on library staff workload.

Goal 1 Objectives

1.1 Collaborate with academic departments to deepen faculty perspectives on information literacy and strategically target information literacy in impactful courses/experiences, informed by assessment 

1.2 Provide programming, outreach, and partnerships (inside and outside the Library) that welcome diverse communities into the Library and promote usage of our collections and services in order to foster belonging, discovery, creativity, and lifelong learning

1.3 Continue assessing and adjusting reference access, hours, modalities, and service models to better serve students and other users

1.4 Prioritize creating accessible, engaging, and student-centered spaces for information literacy instruction, programming and reference


Goal 2

Enhance accessibility of Library resources and services to assist student learning, and student life on campus.

Goal 2 Objectives

2.1 Promote and expand Library collections with a more extensive reserve collection of items for student use, to support both their education and life on campus

2.2 Enhance patron access to resource-sharing options by improving the front-end efficiency and visibility of the service

2.3 Improve user experience by reimagining how we provide services to our community and create inviting facilities to fulfill community needs

2.4 Strengthen technology and foster relationships between ILS vendor and SMC ITS


Goal 3

Curate a relevant and engaging collection of discoverable and accessible resources that actively reflect, support, and promote student learning and the research needs of faculty and students.

Goal 3 Objectives

3.1 Promote the collection through instruction, displays, reference, and faculty engagement

3.2 Reduce the physical collection footprint through evidence-based analysis and expand and emphasize the electronic collection.

3.3 Align collection expenditures with program sizes and average resource costs within the discipline

3.4 Increase discoverability of College Archives and Special Collections 

3.5 Eliminate societal, structural, and technical barriers to accessing content 


Goal 4

Advance, promote, and expand our value to scholarly communication.

Goal 4 Objectives

4.1 Increase transparency of the library’s work and impact through clear and consistent communication

4.2 Expand and champion open access scholarship and open educational resources through campus-wide education and funding

4.3 Raise the College’s academic profile and distinction by providing worldwide discoverability for scholarly and creative works by our faculty and students


Goal 5

Foster an equitable and inclusive organizational culture.

Goal 5 Objectives

5.1 Ensure that the library is following best practices for mission-driven, inclusive recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce

5.2 Enhance structures of support to foster staff success and improve work climate

5.3 Secure professional development and structures of support for librarians pursuing promotion in rank


Approved September 2023