Graduate and Professional Studies Commencement

Graduate and Professional Studies Commencement Graduate and Professional Studies Commencement
DEADLINE TO APPLY - March 30th, 2023


How to apply

Log into GaelXpress 2.0, and click the Commencement Application button on the home dashboard. 

gaelxpress website interface

Please follow the guidelines below to make sure that your information is accurate on the date of commencement.


Pronunciation Guide - How To

We will use your submission to pronounce your name(s) during the commencement ceremony. 


How your name sounds:

Example: Mi-SHELL for Michelle.

(Use caps for stresses syllables if needed)

How your name sounds: 

Example: Lor-ENS  for Lorenz

(Use caps for stressed syllables if needed)


Hometown and State/Province:

This information will be printed on the commencement program as it is submitted. Please write out the information.

Moraga, California NOT Moraga, CA

San Francisco, California NOT San Fran, CA

Elmira, Canada NOT Elmira, CAN

Tumon, Guam NOT Guam


Diploma Mailing Address:

If your current address needs to be updated, please submit an address change form so your diploma and transcript documents are being mailed to the correct location.


Manual Access:

If you do not have immediate access to the Commencement Application on GaelXpress 2.0, you will view this message:

application status notification screen




This message is populated when your evaluation is not complete or pending complete.

In order to receive manual access, please contact your department to submit an evaluation change request for manual access to the application.

Graduate Business: Erinn Blaz 925-631-4738

Graduate Kines: Leela Romero 925-631-883

MFA in Creative Writing: Leela Romero 925-631-8834

MFA in Dance: Leela Romero 925-631-8834

MACOMM: Leela Romero 925-631-883

PSM BIOTECH: Leela Romero 925-631-8834

LEAP: Stephanie Miller 925-631-4538. Visit this site for more information.

KSOE: Counseling Department: Courtney Gordon

KSOE: Teacher Education Department: Mary Withers 925-631-4292

KSOE: Leadership Department: Allison Doyle 925-631-4721


If you realize that the information you submitted is inaccurate, please resubmit/update the form prior to the deadline so we can have your most current information.