You talk, you listen, you watch TV, you follow politics, you persuade people around you. The Department of Communication helps you to think about these things - and DO these things - in entirely different ways.

Communication is the primary means by which we construct social reality, recognize and analyze social processes, and effect social change. The academic discipline of communication draws upon the arts, social and natural sciences, and professional fields, and our faculty have the interdisciplinary backgrounds to match.

The Department of Communication strives to improve the effectiveness of our communication, enhance creativity and productivity, promote a just and fair sense of social reality, and strengthen and enrich the social good. 

A student studying in the library

Our Communication Programs

You'll explore a wide range of areas, including rhetoric, new media and digital culture, visual studies, ethics, cultural studies, and all types of communication, from interpersonal to intercultural. Most students focus on either Media Studies, Rhetoric and Culture, or Public Communication, but many choose to merge aspects of multiple areas in their studies.

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