Electrical Emergencies

Electrical Emergencies

Emergencies involving electrical current require special care.  If you are not careful, you could be a victim too.  Because the human body is a good conductor of electricity, a person who has received an electrical shock may still have current flowing through their body.  Before attempting to treat an electrical burn remember:

  • Don’t touch a victim who is in contact with live current.
  • Shut off electricity at its source. Call Campus Safety to coordinate cutting off the main power to your area.

If you must remove a person from a live current:

  • Stand on something dry and use a stick or board to separate the victim from the source of electricity. Do not use anything metal or anything that is wet.

Once a victim is free from electrical source:

  • Call for emergency medical care immediately.
  • Ensure the victim has an airway and is breathing. Treat for shock until emergency medical care arrives.