You can earn a general management degree by completing four courses from either of the two concentration options or you can tailor your MBA to your career goal by selecting a concentration in entrepreneurship or business analytics.

Entrepreneurship concentration: The aim of this concentration is to provide you with the frameworks and skill-sets for an entrepreneurial mindset and practice. You will gain practical tools such as ideation and design thinking to increase and manage your creative and innovative energy; learn how to turn this energy into viable entrepreneurial opportunities; understand how to raise financial capital for new ventures; and learn new venture planning, including business model innovation for economic and social value creation. The entrepreneurial know-how you will acquire is designed to be applicable in for-profit, public, and non-profit sectors; within product-, service-, and platform-driven new ventures in regional, domestic, and international settings.

Business Analytics concentration: The aim of the Business Analytics concentration track is to provide a practice-oriented quantitative background for analyzing large data sets and facilitating business decision-making.  We accomplish this by equipping you with knowledge of fundamental tools such as Python, Tableau, and Excel and quantitative techniques in optimization and statistics for the purposes of better obtaining and serving customers and other important business decisions.  Furthermore, we show you how to best communicate these concepts via innovative visualization techniques and the art of data storytelling.

Read about the curriculum for each concentration: