Preparing You to Think Globally
Challenging You to Lead Responsibly

The Saint Mary's learning environment is student-centered, interactive, focused on collaboration, and designed to stimulate critical thinking. You'll join an intimate class of experienced professionals, which allows professors to actively engage everyone in the learning process—even during online sessions. Many students tell us that they learn as much from classmates as they do from professors.

In the business world, your success often depends on your ability to complete work through teams. While much of the curriculum involves individual work, you will also work with a team on group presentations and projects, allowing you to refine your leadership and teaming skills.

The curriculum is designed to develop your capabilities in three broad areas:

Analysis and critical thinking

  • Assess organizational performance across a wide range of criteria, including financial, operational, ethical, and marketing effectiveness.
  • Forecast changes and evaluate the effect on the business using quantitative and qualitative techniques and models.

Broad functional knowledge

  • Identify and diagnose business problems related to human resources, accounting and financial management, operations, marketing, and other functional areas.
  • Identify, select, and justify strategies and tactics at functional, business, and corporate levels.

Responsible leadership

  • Evaluate business opportunities and develop strategic implementation plans.
  • Communicate effectively as a manager and leader, including presenting analysis, justifying recommended actions, and gaining support from others.
  • Negotiate and collaborate with others who have different interests and objectives.
  • Create a committed and motivated workplace culture with a shared mission and common values.
  • Assess and discuss ethical and social implications of situations, actions, policies, and proposals.