Faculty Development

Faculty Development Faculty Development

Faculty Development provides resources and programs to faculty to promote excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship. We seek to foster a spirit of cooperation and encourage dialogue and humility about the complexities and challenges of teaching and advancing our research. We offer resources and programming throughout the year, to support faculty members - at various stages of their academic career - to achieve their professional and scholarly goals.


Caroline Burns
Director, Faculty Development       
(925) 631-4588


Delphine Hwang
 Faculty Affairs Manager
 (925) 631-5099

Elizabeth Gallagher 
Director, Office of Research
(925) 631-4223

Jennifer Heung
Associate Provost of Faculty Affairs 
(925) 631-8322


CFDS Membership AY 23-24  

Caroline Burns Chair
Sunayani Bhattacharya SOLA - Tenure-track     
Elizabeth Valentin SOS - Tenure-track     
Tangela Reavis KSOE - Tenure-track        
Manvendra Tiwari SEBA - Tenure-track     
Mary C Raygoza At Large - Tenure-track
Nicole Brown At Large - Tenure-track
Elizabeth Gallagher - Ex Officio