Departmental Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships Departmental Scholarships

Annual departmental scholarships have an award amount of $13,000 ($52,000 in total for four years of consecutive study) and are available to selected incoming first-year students.

Applicants must first submit their Saint Mary's application through the Common App before the admissions Early Action application deadline of November 1, 2022. The deadline to apply for a Department Scholarship is November 15, 2022.

Departmental programs will also award a total of three merit-based full-tuition scholarships to students for notable academic excellence. 

All cited departmental scholarships are based on full time enrollment.

Application Steps

  1. Apply for Early Admission through the Common App by November 1. 

  2. Apply for a Department Scholarship through the SMC Applicant Status Page by November 15. Use your SMC Applicant username and password (these credentials will be provided to you via email after submitting the Common App).

  3. Email additional materials and letter(s) of recommendation to

  4. Invited applicants must interview or audition with faculty from their department of interest on-campus during Scholarship Saturday on Saturday, January 21st, 2023.

Requirements by Department


Name of Departmental Scholarship

  Application Materials

Application Link

Accounting and
Business Administration


  • A brief 1-page essay (describing your academic goals and career pursuits)
  • Submit the self-nomination form
  • *Only a handful of students who self-nominate will be selected to interview*
  • **Declaration of SEBA major (Business Administration or Accounting) is required at entrance
Art Practice and Art History
(Brother Cornelius Visual Art Scholarship)


  • An essay (<500 words), describing the applicant’s interest and qualifications for the scholarship.
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers and/or others addressing the applicant’s qualifications.
  • A DVD or online portfolio of original work (artwork of other digital or traditional mediums). *Art Practice majors only.
  • List of software skills.
  • List of any relevant art projects including titles, durations, and synopses.


  • A letter of recommendation addressing the applicant’s interest in science and/or chemistry 
  • A personal essay addressing all of the following (500 words or less): If you had the skills, technology, and resources to
    conduct any type of chemistry research, what question would you try to answer, and why? How would you go about the investigation?


  • Two letters of recommendation, one to be written by the applicant’s junior or senior year
  • high school English teacher.
  • Two essays.
    • The first should explain (in 500 words or fewer) why the applicant wishes to major in English.
    • The second (1,000-1,250 words) should analyze a literary text.
  • Applicants may also include a sample of their creative writing.
Environmental Science


  • Two letters of recommendation addressing the applicant’s interest in science and the environment.
  • A personal essay addressing all of the following (250 words for each):
  • Essay 1: What environmental issue(s) is most concerning to you?
  • Essay 2: How does this environmental issue impact communities and environments?
  • Essay 3: What scientific methods might we use to help solve these problems? Describe a scientific investigation that could help solve this problem.
  • Essay 4: What impact do you hope to make in addressing the issue you identified above OR other environmental issues?


  • A list of history classes taken in high school including the titles of texts read in each class.
  • Essay 1: 500 words addressing your interest in studying history.
  • Essay 2: 250 words describing your leadership ability experience.
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers, at least one being from a history teacher.
Integrated Liberal Arts and Sciences
(the Integral Program)


  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals testifying to the applicant’s interest in the Integral Program.
  • A portfolio illustrating a commitment to inquiry-based reading and discussion of primary texts.
  • Applicants are invited to be inventive in constructing their portfolios.
  • A short cover letter (no more than 250 words) introducing the portfolio and indicating the student's interest in the Integral Program.
(Bro. Dominic Barry Math Competition)


  • Students interested in participating in the Scholarship Competition must participate in the competition to be eligible to receive the scholarship.
Performing Arts
Auditions Required


  • Annual merit-based scholarships of $13,000 are available to selected incoming first-year students who major or minor in Theatre, Dance, or Music.


  • Students will be asked to participate in a lab activity. You must participate in the lab activity to be eligible to receive the scholarship.


  • A letter of recommendation from an individual testifying to the applicant’s interest in politics.
  • A personal essay (<750 words) addressing the applicant’s interest in politics and providing
  • evidence in the form of personal experience, study, service, and/or career expectations.
Theology and Religious Studies


  • A personal essay of (<1000) words addressing the following:
    • Your interest in pursuing theology and/or religion, providing evidence of such interest in the form of personal experience, study, service, or career expectations.
    • Describe why Saint Mary’s College would be a good place to pursue the study of theology and/or religion.
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing your intellectual interests in studying theology and/or religion.
    •  At least one of which should be from an academic professional (e.g. teacher or guidance counselor).