Student Accounts Checklist

Student Accounts Checklist. Did you...Enroll in a Payment Plan, Set up an authorized user, Complete Fin Aid Requirements, Clear outstanding holds, Waive medical insurance, Sign authorization to Release Form

Bill Basics

All registered undergraduate students will be able to view their online bill in July with a payment due in mid August for fall and another online bill in December with payment due in mid January for spring. Undergraduate students will have tuition, fees, food, and housing due on August 15, 2024 for fall and January 15, 2025 for spring. These dates are subject to change.

All other students (graduate, doctoral, professional, and credential) will have their tuition and fees due on the 15th of the month following billing.

Contact Us

  • Location: The Student Accounts Department is located in the Business Office, Filippi Hall. Telephone (925) 631-4209.
  • Email:
  • Office Hours:
    Monday – Thursday 8:30am-5pm and Friday 8:30-4:30pm

  • The Office closes at 3:30pm on Friday during the summer months and may vary for College events, holiday's, and any health pandemic.

Please check out our Payment Options Page here for options on how to make a payment!

Student Checklist

Saint Mary’s College bills exclusively online through an eBilling process. The eBill goes to the student ONLY. The student is notified of the bill by way of an email to his/her SMC email account. Students are able to create profiles for authorized users so that others may receive notice and view the bill or make payments online. Authorized users are parents, spouses, employers, etc. who are given access by the student to view the student’s account.

Need to get setup as an Authorized User? View the "Authorized User" section on this page to learn how to set up an authorized user.

We have a whole page dedicated to Payment Plan information!

We have many options for Payment Plans at Saint Mary's! Payment plans are voluntary, and can be set up through the Student Account Center. 


There is a 5 month payment plan available for the Fall 2024 Semester with installments running from June 15-October 15 or a 4 month payment plan from July 15-October 15 for a set up fee of $75 per semester. This is a voluntary plan. The Spring 2025 Semester 5-month Payment Plan will open in November with installments running from November 15 - March 15 or a 4 month payment plan from December 15-March 15. For more information about payment plans, please go to our Payment Plans page.

Graduate Students, Doctoral Students, Credential Students, or Professional Undergrad (LEAP or BALOS)

If you are a graduate student, doctoral student, credential student, or a professional undergraduate student (such as Leap or Balos), you may enroll in our 3-month payment plan. The payment plan fee is $50 per term. Log in to your MySMC account and go to the Student Account Center app (located under All Apps). Once you are on the Student Account Center, click Enroll in Plan.

***Refunds resulting from over-payments or financial aid will NOT be issued until the entire semester's payment plan is paid, in full***

  • Sign your Master Promissory Note online at if you are borrowing from the Federal Direct Student Loan program.
  • Complete Loan Entrance Counseling if you are borrowing from a federal loan program. The Financial Aid Office is available for questions at 
  • Make sure you are registered for the appropriate unit load.
  • Turn in any outstanding financial aid documents to the Financial Aid Office.

Financial aid funds will be credited towards your SMC charges only after all requirements have been satisfied. Federal Work Study is NOT credited toward your SMC charges.

Your records at SMC are protected from unauthorized release under the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. SMC staff members are prohibited, by law, from giving out specific information regarding student accounts, financial aid, registration, grades, health/wellness and housing to anyone, including your parents, unless you submit the Authorization to Release Information Form to the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar may be reached at or (925) 631-4214.

A "hold" will show as a banner when students try to Register for Classes. The hold is also visible on the Student Account Center. A hold will prevent registration into classes, deposits for housing or travel, and other services.  All students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, credential, and professional) must be cleared of all holds prior to registering for courses and/or receive certain services.

Traditional Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled and billed for the school-sponsored medical insurance through United Healthcare unless proof of comparable insurance is submitted by the deadline of August 15, 2024.

Every year, if you have comparable coverage, you must file a waiver with Saint Mary's College. This can be done by going to United Healthcare"s tools for students at  If approved, please allow 5 business days for processing. The waiver must be completed on or before August 15. If you waive prior to receiving your opening eBill in early July, you will not see the charge on your bill at all! If you waive after you receive your opening eBill, the charge will be reversed up until the waiver deadline. No waivers will be accepted after August 15. Students must meet certain criteria in order to waive the SMC insurance.

The Customer Service telephone number is 1-800-505-4160 and the email is

PLEASE NOTE: The waiver opportunity for the 2024-25 academic year will shut down on August 15, 2024.  If you have NOT completed the waiver by this deadline, you will be insured for the FULL academic year with no other chance to waive. Once a student is enrolled, there are NO premium refunds. The cost of the undergraduate annual medical insurance policy for 2024-25 is estimated at $2,465 ( it will be billed upfront in the fall semester). The entire amount will be billed to your student account. No refunds will be made after the closure of the waiver process. If you withdraw OR file a leave of absence after the deadline or if you cease attending classes without having waived the insurance by the deadline, the insurance coverage will continue.

***New spring 2025 undergraduate admits will have the opportunity to waive the medical insurance. The premium for spring only (for new admits) is $TBA.  International students will NOT be able to waive. The deadline to waive is February 15, 2025 (new spring 2025 UG students only).

ATTENTION: International students and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad will NOT be able to waive the school insurance. Mandatory enrollment is required if your permanent address is abroad. Graduate and professional students are NOT eligible for the insurance plan unless they are international students. All international students (graduate and/or undergraduate) and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad are REQUIRED to enroll in the College sponsored plan and should visit the Center for International Programs for additional information at (925) 631-4245.