Student Research & Development Grants

Saint Mary's College Student Research and Development Fund supports and encourages independent academic research and professional development for all traditional undergraduate students through the distribution of grants to individual students.The link to the application can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Undergraduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund is administered by the Office of Faculty Development. Applications are due the 20th of each month (August-May). Students must apply in advance of the event. All applicants will be notified of the status of their grant application by email (with copies to their faculty advisor and project/activity mentor) within one week of the meeting. Students receiving a grant will need to submit an expense report and activity report, along with original receipts, for reimbursement of expenses. If a faculty member pays for any expenses, they also need to submit a signed expense report, along with their receipts, noting the expenses are related to a student award.

The Office of Faculty Development reports annually to the College community announcing the recipients and their projects/activities.


Activities eligible for support must be related to the student's disciplinary or professional/career development. These may include, but are not limited to, attendance and /or participation at conferences, seminars, workshops, or academic fora, or work on research projects, practical application projects or publications. Not eligible are club activities, admission exams, tuition for additional courses, group projects (in a course), and expenses incurred in fulfilling course requirements. This fund is not intended for entire classes or large groups, or to replace lab fees.


  1. All undergraduate students are eligible to apply.
  2. Awards are limited to $2,250 per event/conference. Faculty need to be aware of the limit as they mentor students (i.e. three students could apply for the $750 to attend Conference X, or 7 students could apply for $300 for Conference X).
  3. Students should complete and submit all application materials online by the 20th (or earlier) of the month prior to the project/activity for which funding is being requested. Late applications or applications for retroactive awards will not be considered.
  4. Students may apply per academic year for a maximum amount of:
    •    $750 for active participation (presentation of a paper or poster, or musical or artistic work, or research).
    •    $300 for passive participation (attendance only).

The Office of Faculty Development reserves the right to determine the appropriate level of funding. Funds are limited and will be available until the fund is exhausted.

  1. Students may also apply to other sources for funding (organizational funds, School funds, etc.).
  2. Students must identify and work with a project/activity mentor who will guide their work. A letter of support for the project from the project/activity mentor must be included with the application. This letter should include information regarding the mentor's understanding of the project or activity, the mentor's evaluation of the project/activity and its possibility for success and a willingness to serve as the mentor for the student.
  3. Students awarded grants must submit a written report of the funded project/activity within thirty days of its completion to the Office of Faculty Development. Please use the "Report of Project/Activity" link. No further applications will be considered until this report with receipts is received. Any unused portion of the grant must be returned.

Students awarded grants are strongly encouraged to participate in the annual Student Research "Event" (or other campus reporting activity) explaining their participation and sharing their experiences with the campus community.

Any resulting publication or award should include acknowledgement of the grant.