Educational Leadership, EdD Learning Outcomes

Educational Leadership, EdD Learning Outcomes Educational Leadership, EdD Learning Outcomes

Earning a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (EdD) from the KSOE enhances achievement of your personal and professional goals. You become part of a dedicated community of leaders creating systemic change who seek to solve the most pressing educational problems.

In keeping with the Lasallian, Liberal Arts and Catholic traditions of Saint Mary’s College, our program offers learners opportunities to develop and practice the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness required to be leaders in their communities.


Principles Woven Throughout Our Curriculum

  • Social Responsibility: to develop compassionate leaders who advocate for those suffering from economic and social injustices
  • Cultural Humility: to develop culturally aware leaders who have the capacity to cultivate trust with persons from diverse backgrounds
  • Values and Ethics: to develop ethical leaders who make choices and take actions  aligned with advancing the Common Good
  • Change and Innovation: to develop skillful leaders who understand the dynamic nature of organizational systems
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: to develop leaders who use theory and research in support of adaptive leadership practices
  • Critical Pedagogy: to develop leaders who challenge power structures and foster the empowerment and transformation of disadvantaged communities 
  • Learning Through Community: to develop connected leaders who are able to participate in and create learning communities that foster shared opportunities