Add-On MBA

Add-On MBA Add-On MBA

A graduate degree has become a prerequisite for high-level positions in this economy.

Our curriculum allows for some areas of cross-over in the M.S. in Finance and Professional MBA programs. This allows you the opportunity to earn a dual degree within 3 additional quarters. Below is a diagram of the suggested class squence that will allow you to complete a dual degree in the shortest amount of time.





Quarter 1:

Quarter 2:

Quarter 3:

Quarter 4:

Accounting (601)

Economics (602)

Quantitative Methods (603)

Corporate Finance (604)

Financial Statements (605)

Investments (606)

Fixed Income Analysis (607)

Derivative Markets (608

Quarter 5:

Quarter 6:

Quarter 7:

Quarter 8:

Risk Management (609)

Porfolio Management (610)

Ethics (611)

Managerial Accounting (302)

Management Communication (306)

Operations (305)

Legal Aspects of Business (307)

Organizational Behavior (311)
Ethics (315)

Global Business Strategy (317)

Marketing Management (313)

International Business (314)

International Trip (319)


**This suggested schedule is based on required prerequisites and some courses may be available only during specific quarters.