Campus Climate Surveys

Campus Climate Surveys for students, staff and faculty were administered during the spring terms of 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.  *Due to scheduling difficulties in the spring of 2014, the Campus Climate Survey was administered to staff and faculty only.  Please click on the appropriate link(s) below to view various presentations and data tables.

The most recent data tables and comparison charts for each version of the Campus Climate Survey (Student, Staff and Faculty) include the following:

NEW! Climate Survey 2006-2008-2010-2012-2014 FACULTY Survey Items:  

NEW! Climate Survey 2006-2008-2010-2012-2014 STAFF Survey Items: 

*Climate Survey 2006-2008-2010-2012 STUDENT Survey Items: 

  • This attachment provides complete comparative results for the STUDENT survey.  Note that increases of 5% or more from 2006 are highlighted in "green", while decreases of 5% or more are shown in "red".  In addition, differences between demographic groups (minority vs. white, females vs. males, etc.) of 5% or more are highlighted in "green" or "red".  Climate Survey 2006 2008 2010 2012 STUDENT TABLES


2006-2008-2010-2012 Climate Survey PowerPoint Presentation to Staff Council on 10-9-12
This presentation was made to Staff Council on October 9, 2012 by Carole Wolf.  This link includes NOTES which highlight the main points on each slide.  This presentation differs from the others (below) made to faculty and CCIE in that it focuses less on faculty and student outcomes and more on Staff attitudes and satisfaction.

2006-2008-2010-2012 Climate Survey PowerPoint Presentation to the Campus Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) on 9-21-12 and on 10-19-12
This presentation was made by Sam Agronow to the Campus Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE), who oversees efforts to improve diversity, civility, and inclusion on campus.  The presentation was made over two CCIE meeting dates, September 21, 2012 and October 19, 2012. This version of the presentation includes two extra slides added for the October 19 presentation.  This link includes NOTES which highlight the main points on each slide.  This presentation differs from presentations made to faculty and staff in that it focuses less on faculty/staff satisfaction and more on student outcomes and on some new items added to the Climate Survey in 2012.  Note that slides #44-#49 which describe the Organizational Model of Inclusion (ODMI) are not part of the formal presentation, but included here for the purposes of discussion.

2006-2008-2010-2012 Climate Survey PowerPoint Presentation to Faculty on All Faculty Day 8-20-12
This was the presentation made by Sam Agronow to faculty on All Faculty Day, August 20, 2012.  It includes NOTES highlighting the main points on each slide. This presentation's focus on is on "Faculty" Climate Survey results though it does provide considerable information on Staff and Student Survey results (more detail on the Staff and Student Climate Survey results will follow in later presentations).

2012 FINAL Report on Select Items including Changes in Smoking Policy and Importance of Child Care.
This is a brief set of tables showing some "select" Climate Survey items updated to include the 2012 Survey.  The Powerpoint Presentation(s), above, contain much more Climate Survey data, than are found in these tables.