Notice: Adjunct Faculty Classification and Time Reporting Requirements

This notice includes information about exempt classification for adjunct faculty members with course assignments, and time reporting requirements for adjunct faculty members with special compensation work assignments.

In response to the recent change in California law concerning the status of adjunct faculty with course assignments, the College will, effective after January 1, 2021, consider adjunct faculty members with course assignments to be exempt for the term of their particular teaching appointment.

If you have a course assignment, you will be classified as exempt for the duration of the appointment, which is reflected on your course assignment contract addendum specific to the academic term in which you are teaching. All work should be done only during the duration of the appointment indicated on the course assignment contract addendum. You will not need to complete timesheets for the work associated with your course assignment in order to receive your course compensation.

If you have any special compensation work assignments, in addition to your course assignment(s) for a given academic term, you will complete an exempt timesheet to reflect the hours you work for the special compensation work assignment, as long as such special compensation work is assigned during the duration of your teaching appointment. Again, all work should be done only during the duration of the teaching appointment in which you are considered exempt.

If on the other hand you have special compensation work assignments and do not also have a course assignment that makes you eligible to be exempt during that specific academic term, you will be non-exempt, and you will need to complete the non-exempt timesheets for the special compensation work assignment(s), accounting for breaks and meal periods consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

Please note that if you have a non-exempt staff position at the College and you teach a course from time to time, this notice does not apply to you. Non-exempt staff who happen to also teach will remain non-exempt and will need to continue to submit timesheets.

Thank you.