Academic Administrative Protocols

Academic Administrative Protocols
This manual is designed to clearly articulate the practical understanding of and processes for administering academic programs and services by augmenting information included in the Faculty Handbook. These guidelines and forms have been reviewed by the Academic Senate to ensure congruence with the policies contained in the Handbook.

Items designated as “pending” have been announced to the Academic Senate and posted on the Provost’s web page for a review and comment period of no less than 30 days before inclusion as a Protocol.  Items designated “TBD” are under discussion for eventual posting and review.

1.0  Administration and Organization

       1.1  Academic Centers and Institutes

       1.2  Memorandum of Understanding: Indirect Cost Recovery

       1.3  Graduate & Professional Programs

       1.4  Human Research Institutional Review Board CITI Training Requirement

       1.5  Academic Program and Department Name Changes

       1.6  Administrative Department, School and Program Name Changes

2.0 Faculty Status

       2.1  Appointments

              2.1.1  Faculty Line Request

             Faculty Position Template/Job Post (Tenure-Track) (Salaried Adjunct or Visiting)

             Criteria for posting new positions at Associate Rank

              2.1.2  Faculty Affiliates

       2.2  Workload

              2.2.1  Reassigned Time Awards

              2.2.2  Banking/Carryover of Course Reassignments

              2.2.3  Undergraduate Course Scheduling Templates and Timelines (TBD)

              2.2.4  Team Teaching

              2.2.5  Reduced Services

              2.2.6  Two-year Workload Accounting

              2.2.7  Tenure-track Faculty Workload Calculations on Federal Grant Submissions

              2.2.8  Adjunct Faculty Workload Calculations on Federal Grant Submissions

              2.2.9  Non-salary Reimbursement Rates for Faculty on Grant Submissions

              2.2.10  Eligibility to Serve as a Primary Investigator on an Externally Funded Grant

       2.3  Benefits and Leaves

              2.3.1  Sabbatical Leave Forms

              2.3.2  Voluntary Leaves

3.0   Academic Policies and Services

       3.1  Acceptable Use of Course-based, Instructional Materials Fees

       3.2  Web Privacy Policy

       3.3  Undergraduate Academic Calendar

       3.4  Academic Credit Hour Policy

       3.5  Access to Course Evaluations

       3.6  Undergraduate Course Cancellation Procedures

       3.7  Affiliated Scholars Policy & Procedures

              3.7.1  Affiliated Scholars Appointment Process Workflow

              3.7.2  Affiliated Scholars Appointment Letter

       3.8  Teach Out Protocol 

4.0  Office of the Provost/College Forms and Procedures

       4.1  Strategic Initiative Request Form

       4.2  Major Maintenance Macro Request: New Construction, Renovation, Remodel

       4.3  Request for Speaking Engagement from the Provost

       4.4  Student Concerns about Faculty/Staff/Student Conduct

       4.5  Faculty Concerns about Faculty/Staff/Student Conduct

       4.6  Administrative Departmental Review

       4.7  Commencement Speaker Selection Process

       4.8  International Travel Risk Protocols - website link

       4.9  New Technology Project Proposal Form

       4.10  Librarian Appointment and Promotion Policy