Adjunct Faculty Openings


Applicants to all available course sections who are members of the Saint Mary’s College bargaining unit or agency fee payers covered by the agreement with SEIU 1021, who have previously taught the course or who have been determined qualified through the process outlined in Article 10, have only the following application requirements:

  • Indicate interest via application to the posting 
  • Complete the SMC Per Course Adjunct Faculty Questionnaire to identify as a Saint Mary's College bargaining unit faculty member or agency fee payers covered by the agreement with SEIU 1021
  • Indicate preferences if there are multiple sections


School of Economics and Business Administration

Summer 10 Week Term 2024

School of Science - Undergraduate

     Fall Term 2024

School of Science - Graduate Professional Science Master's in Biotechnology

    Fall Term 2024


Kalmanovitz School of Education     

College Supervisor for MSTE, SSTE and SPED Credential Candidates

     Summer 2024

        Fall 2024

       Autumn 2024

      Winter Quarter 2025


     JAN TERM 2025

        SPRING 2025

          Spring Quarter 2024

School of Liberal Arts 

    Fall 2024

Collegiate Seminar 

Spring 2024