Contact List

Contact List Contact List

Business Office Contacts


Administrative Services

Sandra Kim                                           925-631-4571
Vice President for Finance and Administration        

Nicole Yu                                            925-631-4123
Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller

Gary Stewart                                         925-631-4205
Accounting Manager                              

Lizette Desperate                                    925-631-4034              
Grant Accountant                           

Accounts Payable (AP)
Please note that this is a "No Reply" email address, if you have an inquiry 
related to an item that has been submitted you should contact someone from 
our AP Staff directly via their SMC email such as the payment status
of an invoice, check request or expense report.

Shannon Murray                                       925-631-4105
Accounts Payable and Purchasing Supervisor 

Kevin Woo                                            925-631-4285
Vendors A through E                        

Gabriela "Gaby" Perez                                925-631-4779
Vendors F through Z                        



P-Card Support Email                       
For all related P-Card questions 

Shannon Murray                                       925-631-4105
Purchasing Supervisor and Purchase Order Processing


Accounts Receivable

General email:

Laurie Klizos                                        925-631-4575
Director of Student Accounts               

Mark Tapiarene                                       925-631-4499
Assistant Director of Student Accts        

Open                                                 925-631-4209
Collections Specialist    

Christine Raaka                                      925-631-8001 
Student Account Specialist                 



General Payroll email is
John Hills                                           925-631-4211
Payroll Manager                            

Lauren Fukunaga                                      925-631-4728
Senior Payroll Specialist                  

Brita Hodgins                                        925-631-4625
Payroll Coordinator