Payment Plans


The Business Office offers multiple payment plan options for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students


  • All Payment Plan Installments Are Due On the 15th of Each Month
  • If you are a currently enrolled undergraduate student and would like to pay your education expenses monthly, we offer a monthly payment plan for an enrollment fee of $75/semester. We offer a 5-month payment plan with fall installments due June 15-Oct 15 and a 4-month fall payment plan with installments due July 15-Oct 15.  The spring undergraduate payment plans will open in November with installments running from Nov 15 to March 15.
  • Graduate and Professional students may enroll in the 3-month payment plan for a fee of $50 per term through the Student Account Center. The fall 3-month plan runs from Aug 15-Oct 15 and the spring 3-month plan runs from January 15-March 15.
  • Students log into MySMC and click on All Apps, then "Student Account Center"
  • Parents/Authorized users can sign up on their authorized user website: 

***All payment plans are voluntary for each semester or quarter, one semester/quarter, or no semester/quarter at all. It is your choice!***


Undergraduate Payment Plans

5-Month Payment Plan

For those students/parents who want to get a head start!

The 5-Month Plan is a great option if you want to start paying before the bill posts. For the Fall 2024 Semester, the 5-Month plan will run June 15th through October 15th. You can begin signing up for spring payment plan in June, and the deadline to sign up for this plan will be June 30th. Please note, since the official bill will not be posted until mid July, this plan requires you to use estimates and may need to be altered throughout should your charges change.

There is a $75 set up fee for this plan.

4-Month Payment Plan

If you want to see the bill first...

The 4-Month Plan is a great option if you want to see the bill and then start making installments. For the Fall 2024 Semester, the 4-Month plan will run July 15th through October 15th. The deadline to sign up for this plan will be December 31st. 

There is a $75 set up fee for this plan.


Graduate and Professional Payment Plan

This Payment Plan is for our Graduate and Professional students ONLY!
Each payment plan is a little different, depending on the program. Listed below are the dates for our upcoming payment plan options:

Graduate Education (KSOE), School Of Liberal Arts, and School of Science
  • Spring Payment Plan: January 15th to March 15th - You must enroll by January 15th
  • Fall Payment Plan: August 15th-October 15th
Graduate Business & Leadership Programs
  •  Fall 10-week term Payment Plan : Runs October 15th-December 15th (Deadline to sign up: October 31st)
  •  Winter 10-week term Payment Plan :  Runs January 15th - March 15th (Deadline to sign up: January 31st)
  • Spring 10-week term Payment Plan: Runs April 15th - June 15th (Deadline to sign up: April 30th)
  • Summer 10-week term Payment Plan: Runs July 15th - September 15th (Deadline to sign up: July 31st)


*** There is a $50 set up fee for all Graduate/Professional Payment Plans. ***