The SMC LiveSafe App

The SMC LiveSafe App The SMC LiveSafe App

Why LiveSafe?

Saint Mary’s College of California has partnered with mobile safety communications company LiveSafe to put safety in the hands of SMC community members. From sharing info on concerning behavior to reporting safety hazards, the LiveSafe platform will allow students and Public Safety to communicate in two-way, real-time interactions. 

How it Works

  • Students enrolled at Saint Mary’s are already set to receive an alert via the primary phone number listed in Colleague should an emergency situation arrive on campus, however we encourage students to also download the app and take advantage of the LiveSafe's advanced features
  • Faculty and staff at Saint Mary’s who are currently signed up for GaelAlerts will have their information roll over to LiveSafe but are also encouraged to download the app and take advantage of LiveSafe's advanced features
  • Parents are welcome to download the app as well

LiveSafe Features

Check In

During emergencies, seconds count. LiveSafe’s check-in feature enables you to quickly touch base with Saint Mary's Public Safety via a real-time prompt so you can quickly indicate if you are okay or need help.

Emergency Options

Knowing who to connect with for help is essential to staying safe, regardless of where you happen to be. “Emergency Options” will allow you to connect with 911 emergency services or call SMC Public Safety’s pre-programmed emergency number. You also have the option to send a discreet chat directly to Public Safety.

Safety Map

Staying aware of your surroundings is one of the key steps to staying safe, regardless of where you are. The Safety Map enables you to quickly see where you are and what’s around you in both familiar and new locales.

Report Tips

See something? Say something with LiveSafe’s Report Tips. From safety hazards to mental health concerns, help keep your organization safe by connecting with the right people within your organization.


SafeWalk lets you invite up to three friends, family members, or colleagues to virtually walk or drive with you. Share your location information and let them actively follow your progress on a map or choose standby mode to notify them only if you don’t reach your destination within the expected time.





For additional instructions on adding the app, view the PDF instructions for your mobile device below.

Live safe shield logo. LiveSafe is the do something for see something say something.