Alternative Transportation

The Department of Public Safety & Transportation actively works with members of the campus community and the Town of Moraga to implement effective transportation programs to reduce single-occupancy vehicle traffic, enhance the campus sustainability efforts, and improve the commuter parking experience on campus. We encourage you to consider alternative modes of transportation to work/school as often as possible to help SMC with its goal of lowering the single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs) coming onto campus.
Gideon Gael leaning into a car

Saint Mary's Ride Smart Program with Lyft Pass

Saint Mary's has a partnership for shared ride subsidies with Lyft ride-hailing service. You can use your existing Lyft account by adding your Saint Mary's email address to it or by accepting the Lyft Pass invitation sent to your Saint Mary’s email account.

Ride Smart Programs

The Saint Mary’s Ride Smart Programs provide a monthly recurring Lyft Pass to each member of the Saint Mary’s community. This Lyft Pass can be used up to a certain amount for a limited number of Lyft rides that include one of the Ride Locations below. Balance doesn’t carry.   

  • Students Without Permits

    • 22 rides per month – $13 per ride
  • Students With Permits 

    • 14 rides per month – $10 per ride
  • Employees Without Permits 

    • 18 rides per month – $10 per ride
  • Employees With Permits 

    • 10 rides per month – $10 per ride

Ride Locations

  • Saint Mary's College

    • Pick up or drop off
  • Rheem Campus

    • Pick up or drop off
  • Moraga Safeway

    • Pick up or drop off
  • Lafayette BART

    • Pick up or drop off
  • Orinda Bart

    • Pick up or drop off
Bus with "Lafayette Bart" on the front.

Bus & BART

Students & Employees can ride BART to school/work and take the CCCTA Bus Line 6 for FREE from Lafayette or Orinda to SMC simply by showing your SMC ID. Schedule information here.

The Gael Rail, route 250, is a supplemental shuttle service between Saint Mary’s and Lafayette BART that runs beginning when the regular CCCTA service ends. The Gael Rail runs every hour on the hour as a supplement to the regular County Connection bus service. The final shuttle of the evening is at the Lafayette BART station when the last BART train arrives for the night.  

Bikes parked in bike rack.

Bike/ Walk

The 7.65-mile Lafayette-Moraga Regional biking and walking trail parallels St. Mary's Road through Lafayette and Moraga. Get the details on safe routes and incentives here.

Arial View of Cars parked


The 511 San Francisco/Bay Area Carpool & Vanpool program and other commuting options:

511 SF/Bay Area Carpool & Vanpool is another way to find rides to SMC. Carpool & Vanpool matches can be made by applying online. Visit the 511 Contra Costa site here for details.