Geissberger Observatory

The Geissberger Observatory includes a 16” diameter research telescope, robotic mount, real-time video feed into our astronomy labs, and the best view in the East Bay.

Brousseau Hall

The 56,000 square foot Brousseau Hall is a research and teaching hub that features 17 cutting-edge labs, a seawater Aquarium lab, and four walk-in environmental chambers. There's also a terrific saltwater aquarium, a bevy of public and private study areas, and the finest nautilus-centered design scheme you'll find anywhere.

Psych Annex

Unveiled in May of 2013, the newly renovated Psychology Center boasts thirteen faculty offices, an expanded classroom and meeting space, and a whiteboard that covers one entire wall.


One of the original buildings on campus, Galileo Hall is home to a number of Physics and Astronomy labs and the Math Pedagogy Center.