MMC Student Leadership

Each year, The Mission & Ministry Center hire between 16-20 student leaders who work collaboratively with MMC staff to bring to life our events, programs, initiatives, and our vision statement: 

The Mission and Ministry Center is...

Grounded in and inspired by our Catholic, Lasallian and Liberal Arts Traditions…

Rooted in and striving to fully realize Five Lasallian Core Principles: Faith in the Presence of God, Concern for the Poor and Social Justice, Inclusive Community, Quality Education, and Respect for All Persons…

Committed to providing spaces and places where all can explore their faith and questions of human existence, as well as deepen their understanding of & relationship with God; and forming students as leaders in a complex world in great need of visible and radical witnesses of love and solidarity.

The Mission & Ministry Center is hiring for the 2024-2025 academic year. Read below about the paid student leadership opportunities 


The priority deadline to apply is March 20, but the application will remain open until all positions are filled. 

MMC Student Leadership


Please see below for a list of available roles, and links to detailed job descriptions for each. 

MMC Student Leadership Positions: 

Interfaith & Religious Diversity (2-3 positions) - The Interfaith and Religious Diversity student leaders plan, prepare, and implement offerings that build interfaith awareness, engagement and community. See complete job description here

GaelPantry & Solidarity Suppers (2-3 positions) - The GaelPantry student leaders promote and support all things related to the GaelPantry, our free food pantry for all students, and monthly Solidarity Suppers. See complete job description here

Retreats (2 positions) - The Retreat student leaders plan, organize, and implement two retreat experiences during the year—Camp Out (Fall semester, on campus) and Spring Retreat (Spring semester, off campus). See complete job description here

Liturgy (3-4 positions) - The Liturgy student leaders assist in providing liturgical celebrations that support and enhance the spiritual life of the College community - particularly the weekly 8pm student-led Sunday liturgies - and have an integral role in the coordination and planning of the liturgical environment and supporting liturgical ministers (readers, servers, etc.). See complete job description here

Liturgical Music (1 position) - The Liturgical Music student leader is a member of the Liturgy Team, and prepares & provides liturgical music that fosters prayerful celebrations within campus liturgies, especially for the weekly student-led liturgies on Sundays during the academic year. This student in this role also serves as lead cantor, and instrumentalist (if applicable). See complete job description here

RCIA (1 position) - The RCIA student leader supports and accompanies the cohort of students who are going through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults program (next year to be called OCIA) to receive the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and or Confirmation. See complete job description here

Faith Formation (2 positions) - The Faith Formation student leaders plan, prepare, and implement events and programming for students to explore and discuss the Catholic faith. See complete job description here

Our Lady of Guadalupe (2 positions) - The Our Lady of Guadalupe student leaders bring to life Dia de Los Muertos and Our Lady of Guadalupe week celebrations for the Saint Mary's College community during the fall semester. See complete job description here

Publicity & Social Media (2 positions) - The Publicity & Social Media student leaders assist in promoting the MMC's events, activities and programs through social media, website, flyers, and other means of communication. See complete job description here

Justice Education (2 positions) - The Justice Education student leaders plan, organize, and implement Justice Education programming including: Immersion experiences - focusing on justice issues - for students during breaks in the academic year; and Fair Trade initiatives, including monthly Fair Trade Fridays. See complete job description here

Lasallian Animators (2 positions) - The Lasallian Animators provide mentorship and support to MMC student leaders, both individually and as a team and assist with student leadership training, community nights, monthly meetings, and Lasallian formation/education, as well as coordinating the MMC's representation at info fairs and other tabling events. Only students who have previously been student leaders in the MMC are eligible for this position, and the Lasallian Animators will be students who also hold another MMC student leadership position.  See complete job description here