On-Campus Worship Spaces


A list of on-campus sacred spaces open for you to use.

The list on this page was created in collaboration with students who shared with us places that are sacred to them. If you are interested in contributing as well, there is a link at the bottom of the page which will take you to a suggestion form. We would love to hear from you!


If any of these locations or names seem unfamiliar, we've included a link to Saint Mary's Interactive Map for your ease of navigation.



Interfaith Sacred Space Pillows 2021

The Interfaith Sacred Space


The Interfaith Sacred space is a place for anyone who wants to pray, reflect, mediate, or practice. It features prayer rugs, pillows, chairs, some holy books, Islamic prayer beads, and a CD player. It can be found to the right of the chapel.

This space was founded by students in 2016 and continues to function in service of the community. If there is something that you need that the Interfaith Sacred Space does not have, please do not hesitate to fill out an ITEM REQUEST form.


Fountain Plaza Cassin Student Union

Cassin Student Union

This area was recommended by one of our Coordinators for Interfaith Engagement in 2022. This is why the space is sacred to them:

This fountain is actually one of my favorite places to go. I love the sound of the water and I am enamored with the way that the space transforms as time passes.

Early in the day, it's a splendid place to eat breakfast while taking in the way the water moves and the birds greet the morning. It gets busier around lunchtime and, as the evening progresses, you start to hear music being played in the pub. Finally, if you visit late at night, the bulbs hung in the area illuminate it with golden radiance as the light dances off the flowing waters. It feels almost surreal and certainly sacred.


Saint Mary's college lawn with chapel in the background at sunset

The Chapel Lawn

This sacred spot is probably the hardest to miss when you come into our campus. It can be found sprawling out infront of the chapel as soon as you enter Saint Mary's. This is what our student reccomender had to say about it:

This space is original to the founding of the college, SMC hosts many events on this lawn, and have since its inception. It is the gathering that happens organically in this space that really makes it sacred. It is open for all to use, and is spectacular in every season. It is our gathering as a community that makes us special.


gold cross

The Cross

Offering a stunning view of the campus, the Cross is found by following Mission Road up to Cross Path. It can be quite steep, but if you're able, the view makes it worth well your while.


The Legacy Garden

Named by the class of 2012, the legacy garden is one of the most beautiful places on campus. Tucked into the hilside, the garden features plants of all kinds and ample places to sit to admire them. The Legacy Garden may be found by following San Miguel Circle past Claeys Hall South.


Our Lady of the Oaks

Our Lady of the Oaks

Our Lady of the Oaks is a wonderful grotto tucked away in the forest behind the school. This was student recommended as an "isolated spot in nature that is great for reflection, relaxation, and re-centering." So it's perfect if you're looking for a place to get away.

Whether you are going to the grotto itself or just enjoying the beauty of the trees as you walk through the woods, this is a wonderful place to take some time to connect with what is sacred or important to you. It can be reached by following the dirt path that can be found to the right of Saint Mary's Stadium.


Veterans Memorial Garden

Veteran's Memorial Garden

Recommended by a staff member at the MMC, this is a space at Saint Mary's that commemorates the veterans that have passed on. If you are looking to visit, it can be found in central campus, on the path that goes between Dante and Oliver Hall.

Is there a place on campus that you think should be listed?