2024 Healthcare Benefits

2024 Healthcare Benefits

Important 2024 Benefit Information

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2024 Insurance Renewal Summary

Blue Shield, Kaiser, Delta Dental, and VSP will remain our healthcare partners in 2024. Delta Dental and VSP premiums will not increase. To maintain our already robust plans, there will be a steady increase to the Kaiser HMO plan and smaller increases to the Kaiser HRA plan and Blue Shield plans. While the monthly premiums for both the College and employees will increase, the College will maintain the majority of the cost sharing percentage of premiums in 2024. Employees are asked to pay an additional 1% increase (based on the overall increase) for each plan.

Access to quality care, limited disruption, and affordability, remain top priorities for the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (EBAC) when reviewing and recommending plan design and cost sharing for the upcoming year. EBAC encourages employees to make time to educate themselves on the differences between the medical plans; there will be educational opportunities before and during open enrollment.  A thorough understanding of the medical plan options could lead to the selection of a different plan and for some employees that could equate to an annual savings of up to $2,000.

  • The Kaiser HMO renewal increase is 17% for 2024. This is the most popular plan among employees; around 45% of employees elect this plan. The College will keep the cost sharing similar in 2024: employees will pay 18% of premium for single coverage, and 33% for dependent level coverage. 

  • The Kaiser HRA renewal increase is 1% for 2024. The deductible has increased, however, the College will continue to fund the full deductible for both single ($3,500) and dependent ($7,000) level coverage. Employees will continue to pay 10% of the premium for single coverage and 30% for dependent level coverage.

  • The Blue Shield Trio 20 HMO renewal increase is 8%. The plan remains as is for co-pays, ER visits, pharmaceuticals, etc. Employees will  pay 16% for single coverage and 30% for dependent level coverage. 

  • The Blue Shield PPO - HRA 3,000/6,400 renewal increase is 9.9%. The College will continue to provide $3,200 towards the deductible for singles and $3,000 toward the deductible for dependent level coverage. Employees will pay 16% for single coverage and 30.5% for dependent level coverage. 

2024 Resources

Recorded webinars by SMC benefit partners, and employees are available to help aid employees in understanding various benefit options.  Click on the links below to listen.

Mutual of Omaha

Navia - Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Partner