Time Off

Time Off

View information about vacation, sick leave, holidays, workers compensation, compassionate leave program, bereavement and more.

Please contact Rosa Linda Tejada (x4216 or rt5@stmarys-ca.edu) or Brandon Bee (x4056 or bsb7@stmarys-ca.edu) with any questions.



"Are we there yet?" Vacation is in the air. Learn the rates, rules, rights, and regulations in regard to accrued vacation at SMC.

The College provides paid vacation for eligible employees on an accrual basis, beginning the first day of employment. Vacation can be used as soon as it is accrued, with no waiting period, as long as the employee has the required approvals (see below). Staff employees working 1950 hours per year accrue vacation based on the chart below. Vacation hours accrued by employees working at least 1040 hours but fewer than 1950 hours per year are prorated based on percentage of hours and months worked. Employees working less than 1040 hours per year do not accrue vacation. Vacation does not accrue during unpaid leaves of absence.

For more information view the vacation policy in the staff handbook.

Non-Academic Holiday Schedule

See a list of the standard non-academic holidays that SMC observes in a fiscal year.

Other Absences 

Policies for Bereavement, Jury Duty, Volunteer Civil Service and more.

Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave Law, provides the right for employees to accrue and use sick leave, and went into effect July 1, 2015. 

Additional information from the Office of the Labor Commissioner see link below. 

For Tenured and On Tenure Track Faculty a new Faculty Sick Leave Usage form has been developed for use immediately.  See the "Faculty Sick Leave Usage Form":

For all staff and faculty leave forms visit

For any further sick leave policies and information, please review the appropriate sections in your handbook.

Worker's Compensation

Information on how to report a workplace injury:


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Compassionate Leave Donation Program

The Compassionate Leave Donation Program is a voluntary plan which allows staff members to donate sick leave to a leave donation pool to assist other employees who themselves are experiencing a serious illness or who are the primary caregiver for a seriously ill family member.