Saint Mary’s College celebrates the three traditions which have sustained it since its earliest years: liberal arts, Catholic and Lasallian. The College defends the goodness, dignity and freedom of each person, and fosters sensitivity to social and ethical concerns. The College seeks staff from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds who come together to grow in knowledge, wisdom and love. The staff salary policy reflects the mission, traditions and values of Saint Mary’s College of California as it relates to the larger world and to internal operations.

The College recognizes that it must attract and retain outstanding staff/faculty who are, first and foremost, committed to the College’s mission, and to their own personal and professional growth. Thus, the College is committed to paying competitive salaries according to the guiding principles of equity (internal fairness), stewardship (financial/fiscal prudence), market forces (external competitiveness) and sustained quality education that promotes the dialogue of faith and reason.

The following principles are derived from the College’s mission:

  • Enable staff/faculty to support themselves and their dependents with dignity and an acceptable standard of living.
  • Attract staff/faculty to come to Saint Mary’s College for reasons first and foremost aligned with the mission. While an interest in the mission by the staff/faculty is necessary for a strong institution, the salary should be sufficient to attract and retain that staff/faculty in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Recognize that the long-term financial viability of the College depends upon balancing institutional values such as fairness and concern for individual dignity with fiscal prudence and market competitiveness. In doing so, the staff/faculty salary policy acknowledges that market forces are neither irrelevant to compensation practices nor sufficient as the sole justification for compensation practices.
  • Specify the circumstances under which differential hiring will be utilized and state how differential pay will be implemented. Favoritism will be expressly disqualified.
  • Assess both the market strategy of looking at extra compensation for “hard to hire” disciplines and for internal adjustments, the peer comparators, and the salary policy as a whole.
  • Define the conditions under which merit based recognition, a component of compensation and a legitimate mechanism for encouraging and rewarding individual performance consistent with the College’s mission and strategic plans, is administered including the process required for granting merit based recognition and the party responsible for exceptional decisions. Favoritism will be expressly disqualified.  (Staff Only)

(Above as defined in Section 7.1 of Staff Handbook; Section 2.15.1 of Faculty Handbook)

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