The Law and Society Minor FAQs

The Law and Society Minor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this minor open to all undergraduates?

    Yes. The best candidates for the Law & Society minor are students interested in the broad relations between legal institutions and historical and contemporary societies. Some students may use the minor to explore courses in a subject area completely different from their majors. Other students may use the minor as an opportunity to take additional courses in their major areas of study.

  2. Why should I consider this minor?

    Law is central to the organization of social relations and social life. It shapes what it means to be female or male, a child or adult, a citizen or non-citizen. Law determines the quality of our water and food; the rights we have to sue or be sued; how we are protected by law enforcement or from law enforcement. As the influence of legal institutions in society has grown, an informed understanding of how the law affects social relations has become increasingly important.  Students who complete this minor will understand how legal institutions both reflect and define basic social values.

  3. How many courses are required for the Law & Society minor?

    Six, four of which must be upper-division: one Overview course, one Domestic Justice course, one Global Justice course, one Skills course, one Field Placement course, and one Elective course. See the Politics Department website for the complete list of courses.

  4. Is this minor required for students who plan to go to law school?

    No. This minor may be of interest to students regardless of their post-graduate plans. It provides a pathway to a wide range of professional opportunities in justice-related careers in law and allied fields.

  5. Can I count the same courses toward completion of the minor and toward completion of the core curriculum requirements?

    Yes.  All courses designated as meeting both a core curriculum requirement and a requirement for this minor may be counted toward both.

  6. Can I count courses that meet the requirements of my major toward completion of the minor?

    No. However, once you have completed your major requirements, any additional courses in your major field that are part of the Law and Society curriculum count toward completing the minor.

  7. Do the courses need to be taken in any particular order?


  8. Do January Term courses count towards completion of this minor?


  9. Are there prerequisites for any of the courses in the minor?

    Some courses may have prerequisites. Please check the Undergraduate Catalog to find out.

  10. Whom should I contact for advice about the minor?

    The Law and Society minor is housed in the Department of Politics. Please contact any faculty member in that department for advice.

  11. How do I know if an internship is "in a law-related public or private organization" for purposes of this minor?

    Please contact any faculty member in the Politics Department to find out if a particular internship meets this requirement.

  12. How can I learn more about justice-related internships and careers in the law and allied fields?

    Please contact the Career Center for this information.